Iveco Daily

The Iveco Daily is ideal for the light duty transport professional. It comes full of innovations that are unique in the world of light commercial vehicles.

The Iveco Daily provides unparalleled strength, versatility and durability not seen in other light commercial vehicles – all due to the truck derived chassis. Built tough by the makers of heavy duty trucks, the Iveco Daily was the first in its class to offer a load of 17.2m³ and a gross vehicle weight of up to 7 tonnes.

The Iveco Daily range consists of the Daily Van, Daily Cab Chassis and the Daily Dual Cab Chassis. So whether you need a commercial van, a commercial ute or a small truck cab-chassis  – the Iveco Daily provided the perfect answer to many light duty transport needs.

For the tougher jobs, see the Daily 4×4 options in the Cab Chassis and Dual Cab Chassis ranges.

Your recreation transport needs can also be met with the Iveco Daily and the motor-home configuration.

Customize your Iveco Daily

The award winning 2015 Daily offers great flexibility – with the choice of engines, wheelbases, load volumes, gear boxes, transmissions and axle ratios – the vehicle can be customised to suit the needs of a vast range of businesses.


Explore the Iveco Daily Models

The IVECO Daily comes equipped with an engine that meets Euro 5 standards, and delivers more power and more torque with less emissions and fuel consumption. Engine choices include:

  • 3.0 litre Iveco FIC engine in 50C or 70C (rated at 170 hp / 127kW)
  • EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-friendly Vehicle) engine (rated at 170 hp / 127kW)
  • Twin turbo 4 cylinder diesel engine (rated at 205 hp / 153kW)

The stylish new front to the 2015 Iveco Daily incorporates a new grille which increases air-flow to the cooling system by 18%, designed specifically for the new, more powerful engines. They also come full of other innovations and features not usually seen in light duty commercial vehicles.

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