Iveco ACCO

Iveco ACCO

Iveco ACCO

Iveco ACCO highlights include:

  • A wide, spacious, walk-through cab
  • Hydraulic lift and latch for easy engine access
  • Cummins ISC engine in choice of two power ratings, from 280 hp to 320 hp
  • Choice of Allison automatic transmissions
  • Light tare weight
  • Cab-forward design allows for greater visibility and maneuverability
  • ABS braking system

Iveco ACCO has been a familiar part of the Australian trucking world since 1972. Over that time it has continually evolved to meet industry demands and today it remains one of the most recognisable and respected medium duty trucks. The Australian engineered and manufactured ACCO is a versatile, efficient and driver friendly truck.

The ACCO has various configurations that suit a large range of applications, and continues to dominate in the waste, distributor, and agitator applications. It’s the leading vocational specialist that offers many value added features.

Models & Specs

The Iveco ACCO is available in 4×2, 6×4 and 8×4 configurations. This truck is more attuned to the special requirements of the Australian market than any other truck. Driver’s are rewarded with features that have come from more than 30 years of refinements; features such as the availability of things like pump-mounting brackets for compactors or agitators, and the electrical connections that are laid out in way that makes life easy for body builders.


GVM (tons)24.5
Power (hp)280
Transmission6 speed auto
Rear axle ratio6.14
Wheelbase (mm)4000


GVM (tons)16.5
Power (hp)280
Transmission5 speed auto(4×2 or 6×4)
6 speed auto (8×4)
Rear axle ratio4.89
Wheelbase (mm)4400
4200, 5200


The ACCO cab is built for business. It offers the comfort you expect in an IVECO truck, and some specialist features that make it the number one choice for vocational work.

Iveco ACCO features include:

  • Wide, spacious 2.2m cab with flat floor
  • Four point mounting system with rubber blocks at front and air spring with dampeners at rear
  • ISRI suspension seat
  • Power steering
  • Cruise control
  • Air conditioning
  • Heater-demister with 3-speed fan
  • Power windows
  • Large heated mirrors
  • Chassis mounted dual air horns
  • In-cab body builder electrical and air supplies
  • 12V accessory sockets
  • Engine idle timer
  • Options include detachable floor mats and drain holes in the floor for easy cleaning
  • Factory fitted dual control as needed (as often required in many waste collecting applications)


The ACCO offers a variety of choices in their engines, transmissions and gearboxes; making it easy to customise the ACCO to your specific job needs.


The ACCO is fitted with an 8.9-litre six-cylinder Cummins ISL-E5 common-rail direct-injection turbocharged engine (ADR80/03 approved). It is recognised for its high torque outputs and can be specified in 280hp and 320hp ratings. The ACCO can be relied upon for any task with the torque of 1055Nm in 280hp, and 1350Nm in 320hp.


The IVECO ACCO’s versatility continues to be reflected in the range of transmission choices. Depending on your needs, choose from:

  • Allison Gen 4 3500 6 speed automatic with 280 hp
  • Allison Gen 4 3200 6 speed automatic with 320 hp
  • Allison Gen 4 3500 5 speed automatic in 6×4 with 280 hp
  • Allison Gen 4 3200 5 speed automatic in 6×4 with 320 hp
  • Allison Gen 4 3000 5 speed automatic in 4×2

A power take-off with pump mounting brackets is standard on automatics


The chassis of the ACCO is Australian designed and built, and is famous for it’s toughness, low tare weight and durability. This comes from things like the high tensile steel frame rails, and the flange-head bolts used on the chassis. There are no rivets to work loose, and the flange-heads give greater clamping effort. All exposed panels, including the floor, are double-sided, zinc-coated steel to resist corrosion and provide greater durability.

Brakes and Axles

With the ACCO you will find the use of components usually only found used on heavy-duty trucks, such as threaded pins and bushes on front springs, and heavy duty brakes and axles. The ACCO offers a wide choice of Meritor rear axles with ratings ranging from 10.4 tonnes to 18.1 tonnes. Where circumstances require, the ACCO offers optional driver-controlled differential locks.

The ACCO’s braking system ensures on the job performance is in keeping with operational circumstances. The dual air braking system uses Meritor Q-Plus 419mm drum brakes measuring 178mm wide at the rear and 152mm at the front. Auto slack adjusters are standard on compactor models.


The ACCO demonstrates it’s vast range of possibilities with rear suspension options with capacities ranging from 9 tonnes to 18.1 tonnes. Options include:

  • Hendrickson air suspension with rubber springs
  • IVECO three-rod leaf springs
  • Airtek front air suspension


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