IVECO Powerstar

The Powerstar from IVECO Trucks is the bonnetted truck that offers unrivaled performance. It is the ideal solution for all heavy duty transport needs. A range of options allows you to customize features to suit your needs. Australian design,  engineering and manufacturing ensures the Iveco Powerstar meets the harsh Australian conditions head on.

Iveco Powerstar Models

The Iveco Powerstar is a 6×4 truck that comes in 3 models:

  • 6400 – has a tare weight of just 7500kg and offers maximum payload capacity. Available in day cab or sleeper, the truck is best suited for tipper, single trailer or as a prime mover. The 13 litre engine provides power options or 450 or 500 hp.
  • 7200 – a versatile truck that can handle any job. With many options in engines, wheelbases and cabs, you can easily get the truck right for your job.
  • 7800 – the heavy haulage prime mover with the power to tackle any load. It is ideally suited to road-train, livestock, side tippers, and timber. With the 15 litre Cummins ISX Signature engine you have power option of 550 or 600 hp.

Features include:

  • Engine choices include Cursor 13 or Cursor ISX with power ratings ranging from 450 to 600 hp
  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology with engines for better fuel economy and reduced emissions
  • Four wheelbase options
  • ABS and ASR (Anti-slip reduction)
  • 12 speed automated, 16 speed automated or 18 speed manual transmission
  • Multiple fuel tank options
  • Three different cabs to choose from: Active Day or Active Time sleeper cab with either low roof or high roof
  • Iveco Colour Display (ICD) for easy to read monitoring of important functions
  • Optional upper bunk in high roof sleeper
  • Spacious cabs with flat floor for ease of movement
  • Custom comfort options like in-cab fridge and leather seats

Iveco Powerstar Models & Specs

The Iveco Powerstar is a 6×4 configuration with the Active Day low roof cab, or the Active Time sleeper cab (with a low roof or high roof). Customise many features of the truck to best suit your requirements with the options listed below.


CabDay cab - low roof
Sleeper cab - low or high roof
Wheelbase4.5m/1.42m (day cab)
EngineCursor 13 litre Euro
Power/Torque450hp/1620 lb ft
or 500hp/1696 lb ft
TransmissionZF Eurotronic II 12 speed
ZF Eurotronic II 16 speed
Eaton Roadranger 18 speed
Axle Ratio3 options available
Rear SuspensionHendrickson Primaax PAX 462
Hendrickson HAS-460
GVM/GCM24.5t / 50t
Fuel Tank16 options available
Single trailer
Prime Mover


CabDay cab - low roof
Sleeper cab - low or high roof
Wheelbase4.5m/1.42m (day cab)
4.65m/1.42m (sleeper)
EngineCummins ISX 15 litre Euro
Power/Torque485hp/1850 lb ft
525hp/1850 lb ft
550hp/1850 lb ft
TransmissionZF Eurotronic II 16 speed
Roadranger 18 speed
Axle Ratio6 options available
Rear SuspensionHendrickson Primaax PAX 462
GVM/GCM24.5t / 106t
Fuel Tank5 options available
Prime Mover
26m B-double


CabSleeper cab - low or high roof
EngineCummins ISX 15 litre Euro
Cummins Signature 15 litre Euro
Power/Torque550hp/1850 lb ft
600hp/2050 lb ft
TransmissionEaton Roadranger 18 speed
Axle Ratio2 options available
Rear SuspensionIveco Cantilever
GVM/GCM28.5t / 140t
Fuel Tank1 option available
Side Tippers
Heavy haulage


The Iveco Powerstar has a practical, comfortable interior in both the day and sleeper cabs. The Active Day (AD) and Active Time (AT) have flat floors to give you more room and make movement in the cab easy. The wrap-around console design in both cabs puts the controls such as air-conditioning, park brake, trailer brake, diff locks and rear suspension dump at your fingertips.

Active Day Cab

The day cab has been designed for inner city and tipper applications with maximum payload. Features include:

  • Flat floor for increased space
  • Adjustable steering wheel
  • ISRI air suspension seat with integrated seatbelt
  • 90º opening doors
  • Non-slip steps up to cab
  • Aerodynamic powered and heated mirrors
  • IVECO Colour Display (ICD) instrument panel
  • Climate control air conditioning
  • Noise abatement insulation
  • Custom comfort options include leather seats and in-cab fridge

Active Time Cab

The Active Time sleeper cab provides a comfortable work environment and resting space; a truck that is truly a home away from home. The AT cabs offer the same features as the AD cabs and these additional features:

  • 2.3 metre wide sleeper cab with one-piece comfort bunk with inner spring mattress, supported by slats
  • 56 inch distance from seat to rear sleep wall
  • 100 litre sliding storage box that can double as a handy table
  • A foldable tray available for the back wall
  • Conveniently placed lighting
  • Privacy curtains
  • Storage boxes on both sides, accessible from inside and outside
  • The high roof cab has an optional upper bunk with ladder dampened stowage system for easy setup


The Iveco Powerstar has two engine choices, with a variety of horsepower ratings available. There are also 3 transmission choices to customize your truck set-up to your needs.

EngineCursor 13
Turbine VGT
Cylinder Capacity12.9 litres
Cab ApplicationAT-AD
EngineCummins ISX
Turbine VGT
Cylinder Capacity15 litres
Cab ApplicationAT-AD

Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT)

All engines are equipped with VGT, an optimized turbocharger that significantly contributes to the engine performance. It allows permanent control of the turbine speed, and so boosts pressure which is connected to the engine’s power and torque. It also boosts performance of the decompression engine brake.

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR)

The 15 litre Cummins ISX is ADR 80/03 complaint and uses EGR to meet emissions compliance. It is a simple sub-system on the engine that makes no changes to the proven ISX engine design.

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

All Cursor engines Euro 5 compliant and are fitted with SCR technology for exhaust gas after treatment to reduce emissions into the atmosphere. It involves the use of highly efficient engines, a catalytic converter, and a special reservoir for the reducing fluid (AdBlue). The system benefits not only the environment, but also the productivity of the truck; more power, more torque, lower fuel consumption and less oil changes for the mileage.


The Powerstar transmissions options include:

  • 6400 – 12 or 16 speed ZF Eurotronic Automated, or Eaton Roadranger
  • 7200 – 16 speed ZF Eurotronic Automated or Eaton Roadranger 18 speed manual
  • 7800 – Eaton Roadranger 18 speed manual

The 12 or 16 speed Eurotronic Automated ZF transmission operates with electronic clutch control. The automatic software selects the ideal ratio and protects the transmission against over-revving, thereby reducing clutch wear and fuel consumption. The gear level on the steering column and the switches on the dashboard both allow for easy gear changes.


The Iveco Powerstar is equipped with a high-tensile steel frame, designed in Australia to meet our demanding operating environment. The design offers strength and durability while also providing tare weight advantages.


Choose from three suspension options with the Powerstar, depending on your truck model:

  • 6400 – Hendrikson Primaax PAX-462 or HAS-460 air bag suspension
  • 7200 – Hendrikson Primaax PAX-462 air bag suspension
  • 7800 – Iveco Cantilever suspension

In the 7800, Meritor rear axles sit on the increased axles spread of the 56-inch cantilever suspension, with the front 6.5 tonne Meritor axles supported on parabolic springs.


The Powerstar braking system incorporates ABS and the Anti-Slip Reduction (ASR) system. This stops truck wheels from slipping when speeds increase, or when driving on slippery roads or up steep slopes. Front Knorr disc brakes are standard on all models, while rear Knorr disc brakes are optionally available.


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